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Univox Amp Schematic - Apr 12, 2014  · Re: Need advice troubleshooting 1971 Univox amp (tremolo schematic included) « Reply #19 on: April 12, 2014, 08:55:27 AM » PS> A nice trick with the U-65 was to set the line voltage selector on the wrong position.. Univox U-255R Amplifier Schematic Contents: Schematics, Controls, Functions & Theory of Operation, Tube Layout Chart ($15) Univox U-400G Amplifier Schematic Contents: Schematics, Semiconductor Generic Reference Numbers ($15) Univox U-4100 Minimax Amplifier Schematic. Dec 13, 2009  · I have this Univox Combo that has some minor issues. It's gotten increasingly noisy over the last few years and the tremolo turns on only sometimes - and if at all, only after the amp has really warmed up for a while..

2) Silvertone Amp 1472 and Silvertone Amp 1482 Since the boutique amp boom of the early 90’s, one of the most commonly copied circuits is the 50’s Fender Tweed Deluxe. And while this IS an awesome amp, one absolutely worthy of copying, there are several low-budget funky alternatives for those who love the bluesy grind of a 6V6 circuit.. This is the circuit diagram of Univox Super-Fuzz Pedal. This pedal is actually a 69-to-early 70″s design that consists of two special capabilities.. Unlike the Bassman, the Univox uses an unusual additional balanced voltage amp between the phase inverter and the power stage. The Univox is also single-channel, it lacks middle and presence controls, and the power supply uses a voltage doubler..

Univox U305R. Great sounding amp with bias-modulated tremolo and 6973 output tubes. Rebuilt the power supply, replaced the old leaky oil and paper coupling caps, added a bias adjustment pot, installed screen and control grid stoppers, a 1/4" speaker jack, and replaced both power tube sockets.. Nov 02, 2007  · Same with the Harmony H-415 - a Valco made amp, very similar to the Supro DualTone's which are selling for just under 5 grand on eBay, and you can get them for around 400.00. Like the Univox, another hidden gem!. Feb 07, 2011  · 1964 Univox U-75 tube amp demo. The guitar is a Fender Tele with a Fralin Blues Special in the bridge and a Jay Keiper handwound in the neck..

Although this 1040 model exists, apparently its schematic does not—at least online. So as a reference, I chose a schematic for another model with the same basic specs, the 2-channel 1010. It has 10 tubes, a solid-state power supply, reverb, tremolo, presence, and a 105-watt RMS output.. Dec 01, 2011  · Rare 1965 find. 2x10 combo, around 20 watts. Has tremelo and footswitch, but tremelo does not work unfortunately. Other than that, its a killer little amp.. Ok folks, here is a rough looking but great sounding Univox U65G combo amp dating (as far as I can tell) from the late 60's early 70's. This is a 15 watt amp paired with an 8 ohm Alnico 12" speaker. This particular era of amps were produced in Brazil by T. Giannini for Unicord Music..

Sep 30, 2013  · Schematic from univox.org is different than my amp, but which has been tampered with is anyone's guessfor instance, the chassis is stamped with "12AU7" over each 9-pin tube socket, though the schemo online has "12AX7" at V2, and there are 2 very small value caps that appear to have been added to the circuitboard after the fact.. Jan 14, 2015  · 'This is a nice vintage 1960s Univox tube amp head. This is actually a bass amp but is probably better suited as a guitar amp today. The tube line-up is.

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Need advice troubleshooting 1971 Univox amp (tremolo schematic included) On a related note, someone may want to build the trem into a pedal, if it hasn't been done already. Same transistors as the Shin-Ei Companion fuzz.

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